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Pudding Club On Tour

Yet again the Pudding Club leaves it home in Mickleton and heads of to the Far East. Simon Coombe Chief Taster, his wife Jill and Chef Tom Timms will be visiting Tokyo and Osaka in Japan to demonstrate traditional British Puddings to visitors during British Week at the Hankyu Department Store.

Osaka 2009

The Pudding Club has airfreighted over 2000 individual puddings to Japan and Chef Tom Timms will be making a further 2000 puddings in a demonstration kitchen allowing Japanese visitors to learn the secret of British Puddings.

The highlight of the week long promotion will be a Pudding Club Meeting at The New Hankyu Hotel in Osaka.

Simon and Jill will also be hosting a vip Pudding Tea at the British Embassy in Tokyo for the Minster, his wife and guests.

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