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Spotted Dick

  • N/A Preparation
  • 2 Hours Cooking
  • Serves 4-6

By derek

The name of this pudding always raises a laugh in Britain. However, if you are shy the pudding can also be called Spotted Dog…


240g self-raising flour

240g currants and raisins, soaked in brandy

A pinch of salt

150 ml cold water

120g shredded suet

90g sugar


Grease a 1.1 litre pudding basin.

Sieve together the flour and salt, then add the shredded suet, sugar and dried fruit.

Mix these ingredients with enough water to make a firm dough.

Cover securely and steam for 2 hours.

Turn the pudding out on to a hot dish and serve with custard.


If you want to make a Spotted Dick in the traditional shape, form the mixture into a cylinder about 20cm long and roll in a pudding cloth, boil for 2 hours.

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